2015 Men’s Summer Style Guide

Our summer frames have arrived! And we’ve picked out our favourites for our 2015 Men’s Summer Style Guide.

As always, we feel that these picks are the most fashion-forward for this season. And of course, we have also featured sunglasses that are also available with prescription lenses.

Urban Adventurer

Urban Adventurer

“Explore the concrete jungle in these safari frames”

These unique frames will get comments everywhere you go. If you posted a selfie wearing these frames, everyone would comment with a series of fire emojis (along with some rockets sprinkled in). Their thin frame allows for the utmost comfort and flexibility in all situations. Throw on your bucket-hat and tie-dye shirt and you’re ready for a day in the city.

Laid Back Livin’

Laid Back Livin'

“If you haven’t heard, it’s risky business to go without sunglasses in the summer”

This style needs no description, but you came here for one so we’ll give it to you. Their style has been that of Hollywood hooligans for decades and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re wearing a suit or a simple white tee and shorts, these frames express your laid back attitude so you don’t have to.



“A pilot from the 50’s…or a writer from the 50’s…or a dad from the 50’s. Everyone was cooler in the 50’s”

These are the frames you see in the portrait of your grandpapa when he was a strapping young lad. They’re the frames that everyone wishes they could pluck out of the 1950’s and onto their face. In a time where vintage is valued, these frames are the #ThrowbackThursday your Instagram has been waiting for.

Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

“Chocolate, Vanilla and Sleek. These frames are cooler than Neapolitan ice cream”

These frames offer a minimalist appearance from the front and include a unique arm pattern. They are a more formal frame but still offer a sense of individuality. If you need a new everyday frame, these provide comfort, outfit flexibility and a fresh look.

If you haven’t had an eye exam recently, make sure you schedule one for before you purchase new eyeglasses.

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Popular Autumn Frames 

At Hakim Optical, our goal is to help Canadian shoppers find fun, stylish–and even flirty– glasses for every occasion. When Autumn comes around, we’re eager to help our customers find beautiful, functional, and affordable frames to express their own personal style while meeting the timeless essence of the fall. For our 2022 Hakim fall style guide, we want to share a few of our fall frame favourites!


Regardless of your gender, complexion, hair colour, or face shape, these gorgeous BLING frames should be on your go-to fall frames list. Oversized, round, and statement-making screams autumn personality! These gorgeous gold, rounded frames with delicate sparkling arms remind us of the golds and the elegance of autumn. Dress these frames up with a more extravagant outfit for a night on the town, or dress them down with a pair of leggings and boots. Wherever you choose to wear them, you’ll find you’re bringing the beauty of fall into your style.


Bring back the beauty of the autumns of yesteryear with these gorgeous vintage-inspired IVORY frames. These warm-toned, half-gold and half-clear frames aren’t just beautiful and eye-catching, they’re classics! Just like watching a spooky movie or carving pumpkins, these glasses scream “autumn”! We recommend these frames for those who have a vintage aesthetic that they’d like to match, or for those who are ready to set a modern-meets-classic trend. Find your own unique style this fall with these gorgeous IVORY frames or a pair just like them at Hakim Optical!

Fashion and Style Inspiration

Looking for some real-world inspiration on how to style your Hakim Optical frames? Look no further than this section of our 2022 Hakim Fall Style Guide! Some of our friends online are showing us how they chose to style their new glasses, and we must say: they look amazing! Find your fall inspiration here!


Here you can see our friend and brand ambassador Kassandra wearing some of our gorgeous simple rounded gold frames. This look paired with a warm sweater and a cup of tea really bring the fall style together. Kassandra’s styling proves that you can make even the most simple and classic frames an autumn statement piece, especially when you choose warm, soft colours that bring the beauty of the season forward.


Our friend and brand ambassador Justin Walls always knows how to show up looking great! Justin is wearing all neutrals with a pair of traditional thin-framed glasses. With dark frames and large lenses, these glasses are not subtle but they don’t take focus away from his face or his style. In this picture, Justin is showing how to dress in a masculine and stylish way that shows us all how the basics will always be timeless, especially in a fashion-forward season like Autumn!

Sunglasses are for all Year Long!

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you should retire the sunglasses! On the contrary, with summer coming to an end, you should invest in a pair of stylish and affordable autumn sunglasses! As harmful UV rays are always present–even through autumn and winter–finding your sunglasses style now is very important. Just ask our friend Kiki (@/KiKiKhosa), who has truly shown the beauty of sunglasses and autumn attire!

Take Advantage of the Newest Fall Sale!

At Hakim Optical, we love a good deal! What’s even better than a good deal, however, is being able to pass on good deals to our loyal Canadian customers. Every season we come up with a way to save our customers money, and with the 2022 Hakim Fall Style Guide in full swing now is a great time to remind our customers what we have to offer!

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