2015 Men’s Fall Style Guide

Fall is the most fashionable time of the year and our fall style guide will keep your style trending.

It’s not too hot to wear pants or a long sleeve shirt, but it’s also not to cold that you have to wear a puffy, goose-down jacket. There is an art to fall fashion – you have to be able to dress appropriately for the weather while still managing to have a unique style.

Here is our 2015 Men’s Fall Style Guide:

Deep blue sea…

deep blue sea

Dive into these deep-blue frames for a refreshing new look.

The cheesiest of all cheesy pick-up lines has got to be “your eyes are like the ocean and I’m lost at sea”, yet with these frames this statement has never been more relevant.

It’s fall and everybody wants to escape to the ocean. So, if you start noticing people staring at you more often, you’ll understand why.

Pixar (BLU)

Back to the fashion…

back to fashion

Fashion tends to repeat itself, and these tortoise shell frames are back to the future.

Tortoise shell is the perfect colour for fall. These frames shimmer in the light, capturing all the colours of fall while protecting your eyes from damage. Summer may be over, but the sun isn’t gone. There is a true fashion sense in being able to look good while protecting yourself from the elements.

Combine these frames with your peacoat, semi-formal attire and dress shoes. You’ll make an impression every time you walk into a room.

Jacob (TORT)

Bee bold…

big bold

Big and bold. These frames are designed for someone looking to create some buzz.

Some fashion pieces are designed to show off your personality for you. These frames are a part of it. You’ll know if these frames are for you. Your friends will know if these frames are for you. Your parents will know if these frames are for you. Even your boss will know that neither these frames or yourself are complete without each other.

This was more than love at first sight. Their the Excalibur to your King Arthur, the Pen to your Shakespeare, the Glasses to your Terry Richardson. When people dress as you for halloween, all they’ll need is a pair of these frames.

Dusk (BLK-YLW)

Hit snooze…

hit snooze

Fashionable comfort is the theme every fall. These go perfectly with your straight-out-of-bed style.

Rolling out of bed is your style. Whether you come into it naturally or you spend an hour moving individual strands of hair to find the perfect just-woke-up look, you own it. These frames are the addition to your attire that say I didn’t have time to put in my contacts, these will do. You put them on to be comfortable, but you end up setting trends.

Boris (BLK)

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