2016 Women’s Winter Style Guide

Hakim Optical Winter Style Guide

In Canada, winter style is harder to manage because of the weather, but the right eyeglasses can add sophistication to any outfit.

The snow, ice, wind and cold temperatures force us to wear multiple layers that makes everyone look like shapeless blurs. The one place that remains visible and unchanged from the summer is your glasses, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be finding a pair that fits appropriately with your attire.

Changing up your frame will help tie your outfit together and will be a nice change in a time where not much stands out.

Break the ice with one of these frames this winter:

Tickled Pink


You’ll be giddy the moment you see them.

Bubble gum, cotton candy or dreams, we’re still not sure exactly what material makes up these bouncy frames. These are for the excitable, adventurous soul that can see the beauty in everything. Even if you don’t have that optimistic eye,  you can find it in these frames.

These are a perfect highlight when paired with a non-patterned, neutral-coloured outfit.

Reshell – L0785I

Futuristic Fashion


FAQ: No, these frames were not 3D printed.

These frames are able to present the big bold style of the past, with the refined elegance of the future. Being fashionable is all about getting ahead of the curve and understanding what is and what will be popular. At the moment, simple stand-out designs are in and when you’re wearing these frames, so are you.

Kimbers – D2890G

The Canadian Beach


You miss the beach so much that you’re paying tribute to it in your winter style.

These frames have ocean-blue and white-sand temples with tortoiseshell accents to show how much you really miss summer. Enough with the groundhog, if you see through these frames, believers say there will only be two more weeks of winter.

Asia – LO728J

Be Jeweled


Why aren’t frames considered jewelry? These are definitely breaking down the barrier.

Frames are an accent to your winter style like any piece of jewelry would be. In fact, the only difference between their purposes is glasses serve a necessary function. Heighten your fashion sense while also allowing yourself to see everything you need to on a daily basis.

Remy – D2894G

Coordinating the styles of your coat, scarf, boots, sweaters, shirts, wool socks and gloves can be difficult, but glasses are a nice way to tie them all together.

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