Men’s Winter Style Guide 2016

Use our Style Guide to Stay Fashionable!

We’re bringing you our Men’s Winter Style Guide in this weird half winter, half spring February that has been very confusing for many Canadians and their outfit choices.

Despite the inconsistent weather, one thing that can remain consistent for you, no matter the weather, is your glasses. You can use them as the foundation on which to build your outfit or you can add them in as an accessory at the end, but either way, they can really change your style.

Keep your fashion sense ahead of the curve in 2016 with our Men’s Winter Style Guide:

Finishing Touch


Like putting a bow on top of a perfectly crafted outfit.

These are a perfect accessory to any outfit. They add a splash of class and do so with whatever ensemble you pair them with. If you’re just lounging in sweats, you’ll look studious. If you’re dressed business casual, you’ll look laid-back but sophisticated. Whatever you choose to wear, upgrade it with these frames.

Ebony & Ivory


Your style and these glasses live together in perfect harmony.

A powerful yet elegant pair of frames that will keep you balanced. They turn heads not for the boldness of their design, but for their captivating appearance that sparks curiosity. Both colours of these frames have a reputation for “going with anything” and these frames are no exception.

Peel Out


Your style is layered and these frames add another one.

These are the perfect frame for when it inevitably starts getting colder again. Pair them with a peacoat, scarf and gloves, they’ll fit right in! The size of these lenses offer a larger panel of vision and allow the frames to become less of a focal point on your face, blending in with you and your style.



These frames are for the old soul. See all the things that you enjoy most but with more precision.

This has been your favourite winter in years. You tend to hibernate in the winter, but the warmth has made it into an extended fall, your favourite season. You love technology, but appriciate the more traditional ways of using it. You’re a timeless personality and deserve an equal pair of frames.

These are our favourite picks of our new winter frames, click here to browse through the rest of the frames. Let us know what you’re choosing for your winter style on Facebook or Twitter!