Popular Frames from 2015

Our 5 Most Popular Frames of 2015

What we know about the future is what we learn from the past. So, when searching for popular frames for 2016, we thought it might be helpful to check out Hakim Optical’s most popular eyeglasses of 2015!

While our brand selection can vary from store to store, the frames listed below were the top five on our website.

Life (Black)

Popular Frames

2015 was a big year for hipster style, and horn-rimmed glasses have become officially ageless. Nothing is more hip than pairing your skinny jeans and ties with these popular frames. Slip on your boat shoes and don’t forget your leather shoulder bag when you head out for the day.


Popular Frames

You’ve found the popular frames that go with everything! Not only is the cat-eye shape classic and eye-catching, the subtle pops of colour along the edges will go with your bright summer dresses and liven up monochrome winter outfits. Stay stylish all year!


Popular Frames

Supple leather and comfy sweaters, with these popular frames you’ll look confident yet comfortable. 2015 was all about the change you can make in yourself and the world. Whether you’re all business in a crisp suit, or casual at home in a favourite sweater, you’ll always look both intelligent and approachable.


Popular Frames

Modern and sleek, your effortless style comes together with these popular frames. Pair them with this year’s sharp, tailored outfits, or with trendy accessories, like clean white sneakers or a black leather bag.

Colin (Black/White)

Popular Frames

Effortlessly cool, these popular frames add a finishing touch to your clean, easy style. Nowadays, life moves fast and so do you: pair your jeans or khakis with a fitted tee or button up and you’re good to go – quick and versatile.

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