Avoid the Big Eyes Mirage from Glasses

Snapchat filters with big eyes are fun, but with your glasses, not so much.

A major concern people tend to have when purchasing a brand new pair of glasses is whether or not their new pair will appear to alter the size of their eyes. The appearance of small or big eyes behind glasses is definitely an illusion, but how much it affects you depends on the quality and thickness of your new lenses.

The distortion of your eyes that you see in the mirror when wearing your glasses is more prevalent in higher-powered prescriptions. Those with near-sightedness (myopia) will experience the appearance of smaller eyes behind their glasses, while those with far-sightedness (hyperopia) will appear to have big eyes through their glasses. This is due to minification or magnification caused by the power (Rx) and thickness of the lenses.

Concave lenses are used for myopic (nearsighted) prescriptions, and based on the negative power (minifying) of the lens itself; this corrective lens causes eyes to look small.

In contrast, convex lenses are used for hyperopic (farsighted) prescriptions, and if the positive power (magnifying) of the lens isn’t best for how high the prescription is, this corrective lens causes big eyes behind your glasses!

The higher the power, the more exaggerated the magnifying or minifying effect will be.

Again, this is more prevalent in those with high-powered prescriptions, because those lenses are commonly made thicker to properly correct your vision and thus distort the size of your eyes. Luckily, here at Hakim Optical, we offer a solution to the problem of small or big eyes behind your glasses!

Hakim Optical carries a type of lens called the Xtreme Widefield Lens, specifically created to reduce the distortion associated with high-powered regular lenses while still providing excellent corrective performance. These optimum peripheral lenses, though they are still concave and convex to correct your vision, are specially created to be thinner and have a significantly flatter shape than regular corrective lenses. Therefore, these lenses will significantly reduce the appearance of small and big eyes in glasses due to magnification and minification, while allowing you to have the most enhanced vision.

Come in for a new pair of glasses today, and remember that your concerns of small or big eyes through your glasses will be put to rest.

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