Finding Your Glasses Without Glasses

Your Guide to Finding Your Glasses Without Glasses.

As anyone who needs to wear glasses will tell you, taking them off for an extended period of time can lead to the stressful situation of forgetting where you left them. Finding your glasses without glasses can be a struggle.

However, with a few helpful life hacks, you can keep better track of where you left them and avoid those frequent moments of stress! Here are some tips for finding your glasses without glasses:

  • If you’re nearsighted (myopic), you can use your smartphone’s camera to take a picture of the room that you can’t see clearly, and zoom into the photo to see if your glasses are in it. Alternately, you can use the camera to slowly zoom in on everything around the room to see if you can find your glasses without glasses.
  • Your smartphone also comes with a flashlight, and what better to catch the glare off light than glass? Shine the light slowly around the room and wait for a flash or glint to lead you to your glasses.
  • Choose a place to leave your glasses that’s most convenient for you. Use a bright box or coloured paper or tape to mark some locations that are easily accessible and consistently leave your glasses there.
  • If you’re farsighted (hyperopic), try standing far back from a room to get a clearer visual, or a different vantage point. Stand on a chair and look down from above and you’ll be able to spot your glasses. Paired with the flashlight trick, you’ll find them in no time!

If you find that you are often trying to find your glasses without glasses, you may want to consider getting contact lenses, or wearing them more often if you already have some. Hakim Optical carries a large variety of brands and types of contact lenses, from dailies to monthlies as well as ones with special corrections to fit your needs. To see a selection of what we carry and to learn more, click here.

You don’t need to struggle with trying to find your glasses without glasses! Try these tricks or some contact lenses, and say goodbye to the stress of misplaced glasses.