Spring Style Guide 2016

Spring Style Guide 2016

We’re going to see a lot of temperature change in the upcoming weeks, and so we’ll be changing up our style for the spring! What better way to jazz up your spring style than with a pair of new frames from our Style Guide?

With each frame comes a world of possibilities and fun fashion, so browse through this selection and pick out your favourites!

Villainous Vision

Style Guide

Proceed with caution, these frames are for the rebellious characters.

Everybody knows black draws in the eye, and these frames are no exception. You’ll stand out as all eyes turn to you, and the red accent adds that bit of flair to hold the gaze. If you love monochromatic style, these frames from this year’s Style Guide will fit in perfectly with that slight pop of colour your spring outfits are looking for.


Flat Fashion

Style Guide

Flatten the competition in these matte black frames. They let others know you’ve arrived.

Matte is IN and our Style Guide knows it. These matte black frames project a cool, yet breezy vibe, just like you and the spring weather. Throw back your hair and wear these frames with the confidence you both deserve.


Sparkling Spring

Style Guide

Spring is when the world starts to shine again, and with these frames, so will you.

Delicate and classy, these frames are in our Style Guide for the lady whose aura sprinkles charm and grace everywhere she goes. Thin metallic frames with fine, minimalistic crystal detail adorning them, they’ll never dream of taking away from your elegance, only adding to it.


Space-Age Spectacles

Style Guide

You live life at warp speed – consider these frames your hyper drive.

If you go a mile a minute these frames are for you. Cool, matte steel gray with red accents, our Style Guide knows you were looking for some frames that can keep up with you this spring. You’ll look sharp no matter what, every single day this season.


Royal Reception

Style Guide

You’ll be seeing the world differently through these frames. Welcome to the good life.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; horn-rimmed glasses are here to stay! Our Style Guide respects the trend and brings you these true blue horn-rimmed glasses that are a spring-lover’s dream! These effortlessly cool frames look good on almost everyone, and the pretty colour warms up your face just like the spring sunshine.


Think Pink

Style Guide

Are you a real life version of everybody’s favourite fictional female lawyer? What the Elle are you waiting for?

The future is now! If you’ve been searching for a bright pair of frames that combines the transparent plastic frame trend and horn-rimmed shape, our Style Guide must have read your mind! These frames are charming and funky, just like you! Who wouldn’t want to welcome in spring with them?

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