Polarized Lenses Offer Glare-Free Summers

Polarized Lenses

Having fun in the sun is the best part of summer; going outside and enjoying the warm weather before the seasons change. However, those of us that wear glasses know that it can be very irritating when the sunshine’s glare hits your eyes and you feel momentarily blinded by the light. What’s the solution? Polarized lenses!

Polarized lenses are specially coated with a film that prevents glare from light from the sun or from the reflection in water. This is an especially important addition to your glasses for all of the beach days and camping trips you may have planned, or the picnics in the park and outdoor adventures you have coming up this summer season!

The benefits of polarized glasses are many, but for the upcoming summer season, the most important to keep you comfortable and happy are the following:

  • If you plan on being in and around water this summer, polarized eyeglasses will greatly diminish the glare from the light being reflected in bodies of water into your eyes, allowing you to see better.
  • You’ll be able to see more clearly in the bright summer sun, and therefore, your safety and the safety of those around you will improve from the glare reduction in your eyes.
  • Your eyes will not feel strained from squinting through the glare you’d normally see.
  • Many polarized lenses provide protection against harmful Ultra-Violet Rays. With polarized lenses, UV protection is guaranteed and the risk of macular degeneration (which leads to cataracts, vision loss, and other issues) is severely decreased.

With summer coming up, polarized lenses are definitely the smart choice to make. Hakim Optical offers a variety of sunglasses that are already polarized and the option to upgrade your prescription eyeglasses with polarized lenses. Visit our stores today to explore your options and ask us any questions you have about polarized lenses, and have summer fun season!

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