Tips for Keeping Your Eyeglasses Safe

Keep Your Eyeglasses Safe with Hakim Optical

When you get a new pair of glasses, most insurance coverage doesn’t renew for at least one year, so you’ll want to make them last. Your vision is essential, and being able to see clearly is something you depend on at all times, so keeping your eyeglasses safe is vital!

However, it’s pretty easy to forget where you put them last, and sometimes the areas you’ve left them in are not safe for maintaining the quality of your eyeglasses and keeping them as safe as possible.

We’ve made a list of a few things to be aware of when handling your eyeglasses and some tips of what to do to keep them safe, below:

  • Keep your eyeglasses safe by putting them in their case whenever you’re not wearing them. A case with a soft interior and hard exterior will prevent them from getting scratched and from being crushed while stored.
  • Take your eyeglasses off of your face with both hands. Pulling them off with one hand eventually warps their alignment and widens your frames, making them sit on your face uncomfortably. Putting your glasses on top of your head results in the same issue, so avoid doing so for the same reasons.
  • Use a proper micro-fibre cloth to keep your eyeglasses safe! We can’t emphasize this enough, cleaning your glasses with any random fabric will likely result in scratches and therefore obstructions in your vision.
  • Keep your eyeglasses out of areas with extreme heat. For example, if they’re not in a case on your bathroom countertop and a curling iron is placed directly next to them, you’re looking at probable permanent damage to your eyeglasses! Even something as simple as leaving them in the car on a hot summer day can affect the integrity of the frame.
  • Get your eyeglasses adjusted about twice a year. A great way to keep your eyeglasses safe and maintained is to have a professional adjust and repair small issues (like a loose screw) to make them last longer!

It’s not always easy to keep your eyeglasses safe, and once in a while something can go wrong and cause them to get damaged.

Hakim Optical offers a One Year, One Time Warranty, which means that if anything happens to your frames for the first time within a year of their purchase, we’ll have the issue sorted out for you free of charge!

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