Prescription Sunglasses Sale at Hakim Optical

Hakim Optical’s Prescription Sunglasses Sale can help you have the best summer ever!

The summer season opens a world of possibilities of having fun adventures and experiences outdoors. However, problems can arise for our fellow glasses-wearers! With the bright sun and long hours spent outside, your eyes can get tired and strained, which is where prescription sunglasses come in.

You may be going to the Cottage this year, or Camping somewhere new. How about that amazing Music Festival you’ve bought tickets for before the lineup was even released? These activities epitomize what summer fun is all about, and prescription sunglasses will help you make them the most fun they can be. You won’t have to worry about your clip on sun lenses coming off while you zip around on the water tube, or when you’re jumping around with thousands to your favourite songs. You can avoid trying to balance a pair of sunglasses on top of your prescription glasses while you play badminton or go hiking! Prescription lenses will save the day when you’re having the most fun.

Plus, for a limited time, Hakim Optical is offering 2 pairs of Prescription Sunglasses for as low as $199! If you want polarized Rx lenses, you can also upgrade for only $90.

Even those who wear contact lenses can benefit from wearing prescription sunglasses: swimming in salt water, or even in your chlorinated back yard pool can irritate your eyes with lenses in them. And imagine an entire day of camping, hiking, or outdoor cottage activities without dry, irritated eyes from dust and dirt blowing into them, or having to put your contacts in their lens case before you jump in the lake to cool off.

It’s not only all about the outdoor fun, it’s getting there too! Prescription sunglasses make a world of a difference for drivers who wear glasses and deal with the sharp glare of the sun through their windshield. Safety is the top priority when driving, and having a reliable pair of prescription glasses to get you from point A to B comfortably can be valuable.

Prescription sunglasses come in virtually all types of glasses you may wear, including bifocals, and come in a great variety of styles to suit your preferences and let you be as comfortable and stylish as you’d like. The lenses for prescription sunglasses also come in a great variety of materials and tints to make your eyes most comfortable in the bright summer sun.

Hakim Optical carries a variety of options in prescription sunglasses to fit all of your needs! Come in today for a consultation and to pick your new pair for the summer.