The Importance of Eye Exams

Regardless of how old you are or how healthy you may feel, comprehensive eye exams are incredibly important to judge how your eyes are performing. An eye doctor will not only determine your need for glasses or contact lenses, but will also ensure your eyes are continuously working well together. They’ll also detect any diseases, and judge if your eyes appear healthy in general, which is a key indicator of how healthy you are overall.

As we mentioned, comprehensive eye exams are important at every age, especially in children. The eyes go through a lot of changes as they develop and an eye doctor will inform you if your child is experiencing normal vision development. Children often don’t know how to determine if their vision is “normal” and their poor eyesight often goes undetected for a lengthy time. With a comprehensive eye exam, your child will be fitted with appropriate glasses if needed and won’t have to struggle with their eyesight, especially at school where their vision plays a huge role in their education!

With adults, diseases and other eye problems slightly increase in likelihood, and so your eye doctor can check for signs and symptoms. Not only can they rule out diseases like glaucoma, they can also check for any problems that onset with age, like trouble focusing or muscle imbalance (when your eyes don’t work as well as a team anymore). After a certain age, adults have an increased likelihood of developing cataracts, which are extremely important to detect early to maintain a good quality of life and reduce the chances of significant permanent vision loss.

The benefits of eye exams are plentiful and far outweigh the time it takes to book an appointment to go! Remember, a comprehensive eye exam is not the same as a vision screening. Vision screenings will more than likely miss some of the problems that would otherwise be apparent in a thorough exam. Make sure you’re still booking a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist once per year, even if you’ve already had a vision test.

We here at Hakim Optical want to ensure that our customers are happy and healthy and get the best vision care! Many of our locations across the country have Eye Exam Centres within them, where you can book an appointment to see an eye doctor!

You can always contact us for more information about comprehensive eye exams or any other questions you may have!