Contact Lens Travel Tips

Contact lenses can be a life saver at times. When you don’t feel like wearing glasses or you’re moving around a lot, they can be much more convenient than glasses or no vision correction. One tricky time to use contacts is on the road, so we’ve got some contact lens travel tips!

Whether it’s the less consistent schedule, a different environment or an extended time in the sun, many people feel like their contacts start irritating them more quickly than they’re used to.

Our contact lens travel tips will help you use your contacts more efficiently and live more comfortably, wherever you’re exploring.

Bring travel-size contact solution

While you may hear stories about someone being allowed to bring their big contact solution bottle on the plane, that is not the norm. Canadian airways restricts the size of liquid, gel or aerosol in containers to 100 ml / 100 g (3.4 oz.) or less.

To avoid having your contact solution taken away, bring one or more travel size bottles. They are available at almost any grocery, drug or convenience store. And if you’re reading this at the airport, don’t worry, they usually have them there too.

Use Daily Contacts

This is the best contact lens travel tip there is. If you use daily contacts, you are significantly reducing the risk of running into any problems with your lenses. If they are starting to irritate you or feel dry, throw them out and start again fresh tomorrow. If you are changing the lenses you normally use to use dailies, just make sure to bring your prescription.

Bring Extra Lenses

Don’t mess around here. If you think you’ll need enough for 20 days, bring enough for 30. Contact lenses take up a very small amount of space, but can cause a major inconvenience if you run out.

Keep Lenses in your Carry-On

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories about when someone’s luggage gets lost. Reduce the impact that could have on your vacation by keeping your lenses close by.

Bring Rewetting Drops

Many contact lens users don’t even know about or use these, which makes this even more than a contact lens travel tip. Rewetting drops are different than contact solution, but can keep your lenses and eyes moist on the extra-long days on your trip. Trust us, sightseeing can be difficult after 14 hours and a dry set of contacts.

Follow these tips and you should be set for a comfortable trip abroad. Contact lenses are meant to make things more convenient for their users, but without the proper care, they can become a real nuisance. If you have any further questions about contact lenses, click here to get in touch with a Hakim Optical representative.