Keep Up With Your Child’s Eye Health for Back to School

Children seem to grow up in a flash, and they change and develop just as fast. The eyes can alter within months, and this past summer holiday may have seen changes in your child’s vision. This month, before your kids go back to school, consider a comprehensive eye exam to keep up with your child’s eye health and ensure their eyes are functioning well and seeing clearly.

Your child’s eye health needs differ from yours. Since their eyes are constantly developing until they’ve finished growing, they can be susceptible to conditions you wouldn’t know to look for.

For instance, one of the most common conditions affecting children’s eyesight is amblyopia or “lazy eye.” This means one of your child’s eyes is developing in making connections with the brain at a slower pace than the other, and the brain is automatically choosing to prioritize vision in the eye with stronger vision. The “lazy eye” thus begins turn up, down or to the side, and forces your child to use only their stronger eye to see.

Children are also often unable to notice or properly explain a change in their vision. With routine eye exams, an optometrist can note and prescribe everything your child requires to see clearly.

It’s important to keep up with your child’s eye health before they start school again, as many problems can result from poor vision and affect their attitude and success. Vision problems can result in:

  • Chronic headaches from squinting
  • Difficulty paying attention to teachers and homework
  • The inability to see what’s written on the board at school
  • Poor performance in school in general
  • Problems in reading, writing, and doing presentations
  • Not wanting to go to school anymore

Children tend to be visual learners during their elementary and middle school years, so the ability to see clearly is vital to their education. With regular eye exams, you can rest assured that your child’s vision will not cause them any trouble as they learn and grow.

Hakim Optical offers comprehensive eye exams through our Eye Exam Centre, available in many of our locations across the country. Your child will receive a complete exam and vision test to determine if their eyes are healthy, working well together, and seeing clearly just in time for the beginning of the school year.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer. Contact us today or visit us in a store nearest you and book an appointment to keep up with your child’s eye health!