Our Top Eyewear Trends of 2016

Your glasses are a major part of your personal style, and finding the perfect pair that both expresses you and exudes cool is on every style list. If you still haven’t found your perfect pair, Hakim Optical has you covered with our collection of stylish frames. It’s not too late to jump on board of  biggest eyewear trends of 2016!

Glasses add a certain sophistication and finishing touch to every look, so it’s important to find the pair that adds the flair you’re looking for. This year, some of the top trends reflected timeless styles with a spin.

For instance, the two-toned frames proved they’re here to stay. The blend of black upper frame transitioning to a light or clear bottom frame is the It-Style for another year in a row.


Next we saw a gradual rise of the big cat eye frames that will surely transcend into 2017. The sleeker, smaller cat eye has been replaced with a large eye frame for top eyewear trends in recent months.

unti3tledThe round, metal, John Lennon-inspired frame with tinted lenses became a huge hit after celebrities were spotted wearing this style. It’s certainly one of the most unique trends to come out of 2016 and we’re big fans who hope to see it last!

untitl99edBold, black frames are definitely timeless but have also made a comeback as one of the most desired qualities in new eyewear. Perhaps it’s the simple aesthetic black frames, or the fact that black will never go out of style. Whatever it is, it’s a dramatic look and we like it.unti22tled

Finally, we have classic metal frames for a simple accent to your look. These frames are lightweight and always on trend, perfect for minimalist style. Metal frames can come in a variety of colours to fit your tastes, so why not give them a try?unti33tled

Hakim Optical stays on top of the biggest eyewear trends of the year and brings you an incredibly large collection to choose from! Stay stylish this fall season and don’t forget to check out our guide on choosing glasses that suit you best.

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