Eye Myths – Debunked!

Last week we observed World Sight Day 2016, an annual event that focuses global attention on blindness and vision impairment, and how we can all work to promote improved eye health worldwide. As lens experts and a company that values keeping our customers well informed and educated about their eyes, Hakim Optical seeks to help you find glasses that fit your needs and keep your eyes healthy. However, many people believe in common eye myths that can prove to be detrimental to their eyesight, so today we’d like to debunk some of the most common eye myths and set the record straight.

eye myths

  • “Sitting Too Close to Your TV or Reading in Dim Lighting/in the Dark Will Ruin Your Eyes”

There is no evidence that supports eye damage resulting from sitting too close to your TV or reading in the dark. The pain you’re feeling after doing so is the result of eyestrain which can lead to bad headaches, but no damage to your eyes.

  • “Eating Carrots Will Improve Eyesight”

    This is one of the most common eye myths and one that may lead to eating a huge amount of carrots to no avail.

eye myths

It’s true that carrots contain a lot of Vitamin A, which is great for keeping your eyes and body healthy, but carrots won’t do anything to improve poor eyesight.

  • “Wearing Glasses or Contact Will Lead to Dependency and Make Eyesight Worse”

Not the case! This eye myth draws from wearing glasses and your eyes continuing to get worse over time, requiring stronger prescriptions. This is just the way vision changes with age, and not the result of your corrective wear. Hakim Optical are lens experts and able to fit you with proper and comfortable corrective lenses no matter how much your prescription changes.

  • “Vision Loss is Not Preventable”

Fiction. Vision loss is preventable by scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams. You should also be aware of any sudden onset of blurred vision, eye pain, seeing floaters or flashes of light. See an optometrist as soon as you can if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your eyesight or how your eyes feel. Hakim Optical’s Eye Exam Centre is available at many of our locations across the country. You can schedule an eye exam online or call your nearest store to book.

Figuring out what’s fact versus fiction is part of life! These eye myths are some of the many things we may accept as the truth but need to remind ourselves that they’re not the case.