Protect Your Eyes This Winter

We tend to worry mostly about keeping warm when preparing for the long winter months ahead. But did you know that your eyes need to be protected too? Both the outdoor and indoor winter environments can irritate our eyes making them dry and even painful. As the icy temperatures approach, consider what you can do to protect your eyes this winter.

It is a common myth that we do not need to protect our eyes in the winter because it’s not as bright and sunny as it is all summer. Therefore, we don’t need to protect our eyes right? Wrong.

This is a misconception as the sun’s reflection off of snow and ice actually reflects more UV radiation than almost any other surface. Without proper eye protection you could be vulnerable to irritated eyes and impaired vision, so it’s critical that you continue to wear protective sunglasses all year long!

One of the most common complaints during the winter months is dry eyes. Dry eyes can sometimes cause blurred vision or even damage to the cornea, which can also lead to significantly further discomfort. Dry eyes can often be attributed to the lower humidity levels inside your home, so it’s important that you moisten your eyes with eye drops and drink plenty of fluids. If you wear contact lenses, your eye doctor can help you find a brand that will help your eyes retain moisture and prevent them from drying out as quickly.

Finally, wearing the right goggles and protective eyewear is extremely important when participating in winter activities. If you’re skiing or snowboarding, goggles are vital for protecting your eyes from snow, ice and for blocking wind that would cause dry eyes. You should also be wearing polarized goggles that will protect you from the exacerbated glare from the snow and sun.

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These are just a few tips that can make a world of a difference in how you protect your eyes and keep them comfortable during the winter months. Hakim Optical has locations all across Canada to help you conveniently access whatever protective eyewear you need.

Enjoy the winter season, everyone, and keep your eyes safe!