Hakim Optical Are Your Lens Experts

Hakim Optical are Canada’s leading Lens Experts, bringing our passion, skill and commitment to excellence to the forefront of Canadian eyeglass manufacturing. 

But what makes us your lens experts? It could be that no one has more experience in crafting lenses than our founder, Mr. Karim Hakimi. Or that Hakim Optical uses only premium raw materials when building our lenses and frames. Maybe it’s because we use top of the line equipment and the latest technology to bring each customer their perfect pair of glasses.

We do all of these things as your lens experts, and we care about your customer experience. Our most important role as an optical dispensary is to provide prescribed eyeglasses with lenses that have the clarity that was intended according to your doctor’s prescription. Our Hakim Optical licensed opticians will determine how to provide you with utmost comfort, functionality, usefulness and all other aspects you require from your glasses with excellent service and professionalism.

As you know, the lens is critical to your vision. Lenses come available in glass or in plastic, but plastic lenses are the superior option due to their safety, comfort and feasibility. Plastic lenses are available to be formed with a multitude of qualities and specific molecular content that makes them unique to every individual who will wear them. Hakim Optical proudly uses only the best products, referred to as “first grade” by reputable companies like PPG.

When you come into any of our locations for service from lens experts, you can trust that our Hakim Optical licensed opticians will provide you with any available products on the market, from brands including Zeiss, Nikon and more. This allows you, as the customer, to understand your needs through our opticians and to choose what lenses you want according to what fits your budget best.

Our company (just like our lenses!) is transparent. We believe in complete honesty with our customers and work to build trusting relationships for years to come. We look forward to educating you on how your lenses are made and why we put so much time and effort into fitting them precisely to you. As your lens experts, we will always provide you with the very best quality lenses so you can see clearly.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on how your lenses are made and how to keep your glasses performing as they should.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime here or on our Facebook Page or Twitter!