New Year’s Resolution: Break These Glasses Handling Habits!

Glasses are an investment that can last many years. You devote a lot of time to find the perfect colour, shape and fit to compliment your lifestyle. This year, commit yourself to breaking any bad glasses handling habits that could damage your lenses and frames.

Stop Using Window Glass Spray to Clean Glasses

Many window sprays contain acetone or ammonia. These chemicals can damage the protective coating on your lenses – deteriorating them over time. Specially formulated optical glass spray or a mild soap mixed with water work best.

Remember that the cloth used to clean your glasses is important too. Microfiber or 100% cotton cloths are best; they don’t contain anything that can cause abrasions. Resist the urge to use the bottom of your shirt or any dishrag lying around as these can contain minuscule debris that can lead to scratched lenses.

Don’t Rest Glasses on Top of Your Head

This is one of the toughest glasses handling habits to break. We’ve all done this at one time or another – especially with sunglasses. You flip up your glasses and rest them on top of your head when you don’t need them. Unfortunately, this is ruining your glasses by stretching and bending the arms of your glasses and changing the actual curve of your lenses. Eventually they will break or need a major, professional adjustment to fit comfortably.

You are also exposing your lenses to the oils from your hair that can build up and be hard to clean. The best place to store your glasses is in a hard shell case. This protects your glasses from scratched lenses and broken frames.

Never Leave Glasses in the Car

Walking through a parking lot, you often see that people have left their glasses on the dashboard while they run their errands. The heat from the sun beating down (regardless of the season) can warp your frames to a point beyond repair. During this time of year, when temperatures dip below freezing, both the lenses and frames can crack. If you only need glasses when you are driving, invest in a good case and bring them with you when leaving the car.

With the New Year just beginning, it’s the perfect time to commit to your resolution and break these glasses handling habits!

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