3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Glasses

In the last few years, a number of online retailers have appeared that advertise cheap glasses. Many times, the prices are so low, it seems too good to be true—and it is. High-quality, safe eyewear is an investment. When you purchase inexpensive glasses from online retailers, you could be jeopardizing your eye health and vision.

Sacrificing Quality
There is little regulation or oversight for online retailers, and often they will sacrifice quality in order to lower prices. Cheap glasses are often made from lenses that are fabricated in-house without any lens experts present. Additionally, lens coatings are not always applied correctly and frames can be made of inferior materials that can break easily.

Questionable Materials Used
Cheap glasses tend to be made from the least expensive material available. Along with breaking, low-grade materials can create serious skin irritation or may contain toxic substances that can lead to illness. For example, the sun can easily bleach cheap plastic frames, and inferior metal frames often contain nickel alloys that can cause skin irritations or discolorations. And there is always the danger that cheap glasses frames contain lead paint that could cause health implications.

Missing out on Expert Knowledge
When you buy cheap glasses, one of the biggest sacrifices you make is missing the expertise of optometrists and opticians. Many online retailers do not require a prescription to order eyewear—opening the door to a host of problems. Wearing incorrect prescription eyewear can cause eyestrain and headaches. Plus, skipping annual eye exams can leave you vulnerable to eye disease that could have been caught early by a licensed optometrist. An optician has the knowledge to recommend frames that will complement your facial structure and the skills to fit your eyeglasses to ensure they don’t cause you any pain.

Quality eyewear is an investment and you should never put your vision health in jeopardy with cheap glasses. Hakim Optical is committed to providing Canadians with quality eyewear at affordable prices:

  • Hakim Optical only purchases “first-grade” lenses from reputable world leading manufacturers like Nikon and PPG.
  • Our lens experts have access to the latest technology in lens manufacturing to ensure each and every prescription is produced to the highest standards.
  • Every Hakim Optical location has an optician on site to help you choose the perfect frames and ensure that they are properly fitted.

To celebrate our 50-year anniversary, we are offering frames and lenses starting at $50 each when you buy two complete sets of eyeglasses.

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