Difference Between an Eye Exam and a Sight Test

Regardless of age, keeping up with overall eye health is extremely important. That’s why it’s critical to have a comprehensive annual eye exam. Many people mistakenly believe having their prescription updated with a sight test is the same as a yearly eye exam. Licensed optometrists check for overall eye health during eye exams while a sight test uses automated machinery to determine the lens power required for vision correction.

What is a sight test?

A sight test can be performed by non-doctors and rely on a combination of computerized tests and automated instruments to determine the lens power required for vision correction. As the comprehensiveness and precision of these automated tests are extremely limited, a number of eye irregularities are unaccounted for that can skew the test results and lead to an inaccurate measurement of refraction. Sight tests are only a small part of a full comprehensive eye exam.

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam checks your vision and the health of eyes inside and out. Unlike a sight test, a licensed optometrist consults medical records and tests for any underlying conditions like glaucoma or macular degeneration—which often display no symptoms until serious damage has already occurred. With the potential to diagnose and catch diseases early, it’s imperative to schedule annual eye exams.

While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to get your prescription updated, it is important to know that a sight test doesn’t count as your yearly eye exam.

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