Does Vision Change During Pregnancy?

Most expectant mothers know that morning sickness and general aches and pains—especially in the back—tend to be the norm. However, many women don’t know that pregnancy can affect their vision and should be carefully monitored due to changing hormones and diet. But the question remains: does vision change during pregnancy?

Blurry Vision
A lot of women retain fluid while they’re pregnant, and that can actually change the shape and the thickness of your corneas. This, in turn, can distort and blur your vision. It usually goes away after the birth of your baby or after you stop breastfeeding.

Dry Eyes
On the other hand, many women report that their eyes feel drier while they’re pregnant than not. This, again, can be attributed to the varying thickness of the cornea as your body changes throughout the pregnancy.

If you’ve ever had a migraine before, you know that light sensitivity is one of the main symptoms of these intense and painful headaches. The chance of migraines increases during pregnancy, which in turn can affect your vision—making it harder to see during the daytime.

Dark Spots
Severe morning sickness increases blood pressure and the pressure in blood vessels. This may force blood vessels to burst in the eye, potentially leading to a dark spot in your vision. If you notice any spots in your vision or any sort of loss of vision, visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Expectant mothers experience an abundance of changes in their bodies, even vision change during pregnancy. Hakim Optical’s Eye Exam Centre is available at many of our locations across Canada, where you can book an appointment to see a fully-licensed optometrist.

Your vision is invaluable; if you’re experiencing vision change during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to see a doctor today!

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