5 Contact Lens Habits That Could Damage Your Vision

Many Canadians wear contact lenses to correct their vision due to their convenience. Advances in contact lenses have made them extremely safe to use; however, if you develop bad contact lens habits, you could be putting your vision at risk. The following are 5 ways that people could damage their vision by not using contact lenses correctly.

Sleeping in Contact Lenses
Your eyes need oxygen to stay healthy. When you sleep with your contact lenses, you’re depriving your eyes of being able to breathe. Infection, inflammation and eye abrasions are all concerns when you sleep in your contact lenses for an extended amount of time.

Using Water as Contact Lens Solution
It’s extremely important to use sterile contact lens solution to store and clean your lenses. In addition to causing severe eye discomfort, water will not be able to disinfect your lenses and could contribute to an eye infection.

Wearing Lenses Longer than Recommended
There are three main types of contact lenses: monthly, bi-weekly and daily disposables. Make sure you don’t use lenses for longer than they’re recommended—wearing bi-weekly contacts for a month or daily disposables for a week can significantly increase your risk of irritation and infection.

Reusing Contact Solution
“Topping up” is the practice of adding new solution to your contact lens case instead of completely replacing it. New, sterile solution is required each time you deposit your contacts in their case to properly clean and disinfect your lenses. Reusing old solution can breed bacteria in your case that can then transfer to your lenses.

Relying Solely on Contacts
Contact lenses are a great option for many people, but it’s important to have a pair of glasses in your current prescription as well. There will be times that it’s best to use glasses instead of contacts—like when you’re suffering from seasonal allergies. If you don’t have a pair of glasses, you’ll have to make the decision of endangering your eyes or not being able to see properly.

Establish good contact lens habits and avoid practices that could damage your vision.

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