The Future of Eyewear—3D Printing Glasses

From time to time, we like to highlight the future of eyewear and the evolution of the optical industry. Previously, we outlined advances in vision enhancement and smart lenses—now, we look at how technology can change the way we manufacture and produce eyewear. 3D printing glasses is not far off. When it becomes widely available, it will be able to produce glasses that are 100% customizable—fitting your specific needs and wants.

3D printing is currently being used in a number of different industries. When applied to the optical industry, it has the potential to completely revolutionize how we buy glasses. First, you’ll be able to choose (or design) your ideal frames, limited styles will no longer be an issue! You’ll be able to print whatever design you’d like in any colour combination that fits your personal style. As 3D printing glasses becomes more commonplace, you’ll be able to have an eye exam, design and print your glasses—frames and prescription lenses—all in the same day!

3D printing glasses will also give customers the ability to print their prescription, avoiding the grinding process altogether. With the introduction of 3D printing eyewear, the process to manufacture lenses will also be streamlined—allowing for a greater amount of accuracy and speed.

An added benefit will be the greater accessibility to glasses. With the ability to print 3D glasses onsite, prescription glasses will be available in more remote areas. Prescriptions will no longer have to be sent to be manufactured, they’ll be able to be produced right at the point of sale.

The future of eyewear is exciting and Hakim Optical will always be looking at ways to incorporate technological advancements into our products and services.

For now, if you are in need of prescription eyeglasses, browse our selection of frames and lenses at a
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