The Need for Multiple Eyeglasses

When people walk through our doors, we take the time to understand their lifestyle and needs to help them find the perfect pair of glasses. Many times, customers are surprised when we recommend multiple eyeglasses to ensure proper vision during all their different activities. Think of it this way: just like you wouldn’t wear dress shoes hiking, you need the right glasses to support the different activities in your life.

Prescription sunglasses are often a necessity to help people navigate through those sunny days—especially if they’re on the road. If you spend a lot of time in the car at night, a pair of glasses with an anti-glare coating might be necessary. Those that need corrective eyewear to see at both a distance and close-up might be best served with bifocals, or they might require two separate single vision lenses.

Physically active people will need multiple eyeglasses to ensure their vision safety might benefit from wrap-around sports lenses, or require safety glasses to work safely at their jobs or hobby.

It’s also good practice to have a spare pair of glasses on hand. No matter how careful people are, accidents happen and eyeglasses get broken or misplaced. When you rely on your glasses to see, losing your only pair may prevent you from working, driving or getting through daily tasks.

Hakim Optical knows the importance of multiple eyeglasses and we are proud to offer our customers frames and lenses starting from $50 each when you buy 2 pairs of complete Hakim Designer prescription eyeglasses.

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At Hakim Optical, we are committed to providing our customers with fast and simple solutions to their eyewear needs. Our expert staff, one-hour labs and low prices combine for the complete shopping experience.

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