Winter Eye Protection Tips

During the cold Canadian winter, many people bundle up to stay warm, moisturize their skin and apply lip balm to protect lips. However, many Canadians forget about their eyes. The harsh winter conditions can cause a number of problems, but you can help combat them with our winter eye protection tips!

Keep Eyes Hydrated
Just like our skin tends to dry out in the winter, you can also suffer from dry eyes. To help protect your eyes and stay comfortable, always keep some eye drops handy. Adding moisture back to your eyes can drastically increase your comfort.

Wear Sunglasses
An important winter eye protection tip is to keep your sunglasses handy. When most people picture wearing sunglasses, they think of summer; however, sunglasses are equally important in the winter. On a sunny day, UV rays can be magnified by snow on the ground. Make sure that you have sunglasses with proper UV protection when you’re driving or participating in an outdoor winter activity.

Protect Eyes During Sports
There are a number of outdoor winter sports that many Canadians participate in. If you’re heading downhill skiing or snowmobiling, make sure you’re protecting your eyes with the proper eyewear. You can get prescription goggles for a number of different sports that also have UV protection.

Embrace all that winter has to offer—just make sure that you’re also protecting your eyes. If you have any questions about winter eye protection, stop by your local Hakim Optical. Our friendly associates can help you find the perfect product for your needs.

At Hakim Optical, we are committed to providing our customers with fast and simple solutions to their eyewear needs. Our expert staff, one-hour labs and low prices combine for the complete shopping experience.

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