New Lens Design Software — Digital Free-Form Technology

When it comes to lens production, there has been a continual evolution in technology. Digital free-form technology has changed the way that lenses are produced and the way that people can improve their vision. This technology is the most popular technology worldwide—but there are only a limited number of companies that are capable of producing lenses made with this technology.

Hakim Optical has partnered with OptoTech—a top German engineering firm that produces the latest optical digital free-form equipment to bring our customers the latest in cutting-edge technology.

The digital free-form process can create a lens surface within one-micron precision and the technology is continuously improving to optimize the production cost and quality. In the near future, this technology could evolve to 3D printing.

The software used is equally important in providing the ultimate digital free-form design lenses. OptoTech is at the forefront of this technology, having the technology and expertise to design over 50 unique lenses to meet and exceed the optical industry requirements as well as the public demand.

The software for digital free-form lenses is always improving and Hakim Optical regularly receives updates. We are now capable of custom designing a lens based on our customers prescription and usage to precisely understand the customer’s needs and utility.

With digital free-form technology, Hakim Optical is able to deliver the most accurate and highest quality lenses for our customers.

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