May is Vision Health Month

Unfortunately, one in seven Canadians will develop a serious eye disease in their lifetime, but the good news is that 75% of vision loss can be prevented or treated.1 Vision Health Month is observed in May to educate Canadians on the importance of vision health to help prevent eye disease and eliminate avoidable sight loss. Hakim Optical fully supports this initiative and urges all Canadians to take the proper measures to keep their eyes and vision healthy.

Regular Eye Exams
The best way to help protect your vision is to schedule regular eye exams. During a comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist will check your sight look for early indications of eye disease. An eye exam can also help identify early warning signs of conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, vascular disease and diabetes.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
It’s also important to note how your lifestyle can affect vision and eye health. Take steps this month to make healthy choices. Salmon, leafy greens, fruits, eggs and nuts are filled with Omega-3, lutein and Vitamins C & E, which have been shown to be important for eye health. If you smoke, speak to your doctor about methods to help you quit as smoking is one of the leading causes of Cataracts and can double your risk of other eye diseases.

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