Tips for Adjusting to a New Prescription or Glasses

There’s definitely an adjustment period when prescribed corrective eyewear for the first time. It can take some time to get used to the crisp, clear world and to just become comfortable with wearing glasses. Sometimes, people overlook the importance of adjustment for long-time glass wearers when they update their prescription or change frames or lenses.

Adjusting to a New Prescription

Vision can change and it’s important to schedule regular eye exams to make sure your prescription is current and up-to-date. When upgrading the prescription in your glasses, you might find it takes about a week for your eyes to adjust. If after 7 days, you’re still uncomfortable, schedule an exam to see your eye doctor.

Adjusting to New Frames with the Same Prescription

When changing the frames of your glasses, you might notice that you need some adjustment to make sure they fit perfectly. Getting your glasses professionally fitted by an optician will go a long way but don’t be scared to come back for additional adjustments!

Adjusting to a New Lens

Changing from single-vision to progressive lenses (or the other way around) will definitely take some time to get used to. The best advice while adjusting to new lenses is to move your head instead of only moving your eyes. When you are fitted with your new lenses, the optician can show you what this means.

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