Enjoy Swimming this Summer with Prescription Swimming Goggles

Now that’s it’s almost summer, many people will be enjoying the warm weather at the cottage, beach or pool. Wearing glasses doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all the swimming activities that summer has to offer—just invest in a good pair of prescription swimming goggles.

At Hakim Optical, swim goggles, snorkelling and scuba masks are available in a limited range of prescriptions. That means you can come in, pick out a pair that works for you and be out enjoying the summer weather—all in the same day.

Clients also have the opportunity to put a full prescription in large scuba mask with an insert. Specialized scuba or snorkelling stores will sell masks and prescriptions inserts. Once purchased, Hakim Optical can produce and install the full prescription into the insert and clip it into the mask.

Many people are surprised to learn that prescription swimming goggles are available at Hakim Optical. For those that wear glasses, they’ve struggled with trying to fit swim masks over their glasses or decide to go without any kind of corrective eyewear at all when in the water. But with prescription goggles, now everyone can enjoy summer activities.

Stop by the nearest location and let us help you pick out the perfect prescription swim goggles!

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