Back to School Sale – Give the Gift of Good Vision

School will begin in just a few short weeks and many people are scrambling to get everything ready before the first bell rings. It’s important to ensure kids are ready to learn and have all the proper resources to succeed in their studies—including eyewear. Hakim Optical knows the importance of having glasses to see and that’s why we’re proud to announce our Back to School Sale—with a twist!

It’s estimated that one in four children have a vision-related learning difficulty1 but unfortunately, not every child has access to prescription eyewear. It can be almost impossible for children to successfully learn if they have an untreated vision problem. To help ensure every child has the opportunity to receive corrective eyewear, this year we happy to announce our Give the Gift of Good Vision campaign.

Every Hakim Optical location will be offering two complete pairs of glasses for only $199. In addition, every sale will come with a voucher for a free pair of glasses for a child.

You can use the voucher for your own child, pass it off to a friend or donate it to a child in need. Any donated vouchers will be given to the Ontario Teacher Insurance Plan who will ensure that vouchers are given to children that will benefit from a free pair of glasses.

Give the gift of good vision to someone you know or to someone in need—
Shop at an Hakim Optical for all your eyeglass needs and help a child receive a FREE pair of glasses.

There are over 160 Hakim Optical locations across the country.
Find your closest location and come in to have a licensed optician
help you choose the perfect frames.

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1 CAO Recommend Eye Exams in Parent’ Back to School Routines