Cold Weather Eye Tips

Many parts of Canada are starting to get their first taste of colder weather. While you’re looking for the scarves and mittens in the closet, it’s also important to remember that the change in weather can affect your eyes and vision.

For many, the biggest eye change that comes from colder weather is dry eyes. As the season changes, there’s less moisture in the air, so along with chapped skin, you could also notice eyes drying out. To stay comfortable in low humidity, increase your water intake, use a humidifier indoors and consider wearing glasses rather than contact lenses.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people notice that they begin to tear-up when exposed to cold weather. Often, this is a result of the cold autumn and winter winds. To help prevent excess tearing, make sure to protect your eyes before heading outside with sunglasses or goggles if participating in winter sports.

When the temperature plummets, eyes are susceptible to the negative effects of the cold just like the rest of your body. The blood vessels around your eyes can constrict when exposed to cold weather and you could experience blurred or double vision. Make sure to get inside from the cold if you notice vision changes and seek medical attention if vision doesn’t return to normal once you’ve warmed up.

Keep your eyes happy and healthy as the weather gets colder. If you notice any vision changes, it’s always best to book an appointment with an optometrist.

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