Protect Your Vision with Prescription Safety Glasses

Whether you need eye protection at a construction site from dust and wood chips or you work in a laboratory and need to protect your eyes from chemicals and lasers, Hakim Safety Canada has a wide variety of prescription safety glasses that can help protect your vision. We offer individual sales of safety glasses and can also work with companies to provide employees with the eyewear needed to keep them safe.

When it comes to choosing frames, there are a number of options, made from a range of different materials.

& Plastic Hinge
Regular Plastic Hinge Regular Metal Hinge
Metal Spring Hinge Wrap Frame Non-RX Plastic Polycarbonate Xylex

All of our prescription safety glasses can be fitted with single vision, bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses. We also sell non-prescription safety glasses if you want to protect your eyes but don’t need any vision correction.

Remember, regular glasses don’t provide the protection needed for many jobs as they aren’t made to withstand a high-impact and often don’t provide full coverage. Wearing goggles over glasses can also be problematic as there could be fit issues and could be extremely uncomfortable.

All of our Hakim Optical locations have a selection of prescription safety glasses for individual purchase and we can also work with your company to set up a corporate account to fit all employees with glasses.

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Hakim Safety Canada has been dispensing quality eyewear for over 40 years with a focus on providing affordable lens wear options for all our customers. All of our lenses are processed in our laboratories with the latest lens technology and held to the strictest quality control standards.

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