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An optician is a licensed professional that has the proper training to fit corrective eyewear such as glasses and contacts. It’s important to work with an optician when buying glasses because they’ll ensure frames are compatible with lenses and your face shape, will take an accurate pupillary distance (PD) measurement and will make any needed adjustments to ensure glasses are comfortable.

After receiving a prescription from an eye doctor, an optician will provide information on available lenses and show you compatible frames. For example, progressive lenses need frames that have enough vertical room to accommodate multiple prescriptions and higher prescriptions might require a thicker lens, which wouldn’t work with a rimless frame.

An optician will also accurately measure PD to ensure lenses are correctly manufactured. The PD measures the distance between your pupils (in millimetres) and is an extremely important measurement in the production of lenses.

When your glasses are ready to be picked up, an optician will do a final fitting and make any needed adjustments. They will ensure your new glasses are comfortable and can answer any questions you might have.

When you purchase new glasses from Hakim Optical, you have the benefit of working with trained opticians and you’re covered with our one-year frame guarantee—so if anything happens—you can bring your glasses in within the first year for repair or damaged frame replacement.

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