Use Prescription Ski Goggles this Winter

Far too many skiers and snowboarders are unaware that you can buy prescription ski goggles, affording you protection from the snow, ice and cold without sacrificing your vision. Instead of trying to fit a pair of goggles over glasses or flying down the hill without any type of vision correction, contact your nearest Hakim Optical location and speak with an optician about the benefits of prescription ski goggles.

Get a custom-made prescription goggle insert to fit into the goggles you’ve already purchased. Once the insert is ready, we’ll clip it into your goggles and ensure everything fits comfortably and correctly.

Some people prefer to wear contacts and non-prescription goggles when skiing or snowboarding; however, there are many people that can’t—or prefer not to—wear contacts at all. Hakim Optical offers a solution for those that previously struggled with fitting goggles over their glasses with prescription ski goggles or custom prescription inserts. Stay safe on the slopes this winter with a pair of prescription ski goggles!

Did you know that every Hakim Optical location has an optician on staff to help you find the right product for your specific needs? They have the knowledge to answer all of your questions and will ensure any frames (or prescription ski goggles) you choose fit properly and are expertly made.

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