Stylish Glasses for Back-to-School

Part of gearing up for another school year is ensuring you have everything you need to be successful—which includes proper eyewear. Hakim Optical has a number of stylish glasses so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for vision health.




These dynamic frames are a popular choice at back-to-school time.
With two distinct options, you’ll always have an on-trend option.




For those that prefer a light and airy feel, our AGRELLO line is the perfect choice.


Life (Aqua)

If you’re not ready to trade in summer clothes for the colder weather of fall, our Life (Aqua) frames are the pop of colour you’ll want in your wardrobe.

Hakim Optical has a variety of stylish frames to get you ready for school. Please note that every Hakim Optical outlet has a rotating stock of frames at their locations and our website only showcases a fraction of the options available.


Stop by your closest location to see the variety
and to have an in-store optician help you choose frames and ensure a proper fit.

Don’t forget that regular eye exams are an important part of your overall health and wellbeing. Scheduling an exam before heading back to school is a perfect way to ensure that your eyes and vision are healthy and ready for another year of studies. Independent Eye Exam Centres next to Hakim Optical offer comprehensive eye exams. Schedule your appointment online.

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