Best Place to Buy High-Quality Glasses

When it comes to purchasing lenses and frames, consumers have a lot of choices; however, not every outlet offers high-quality glasses. For the sake of your vision and eye health, make sure you’re only buying glasses in person from reputable retailers and not only looking at the low cost of online glasses.

Quality of Online Glasses
Many people are drawn to buying glasses online because of the perceived low cost. The danger is that you have no idea where frames and lenses are manufactured, the quality of materials used or even if the glasses will properly fit. To keep costs low, many online outlets use inferior quality components that can break more easily or in the worst-case scenario, damage your vision.

Purchase High-Quality Glasses In-Store
By purchasing glasses in a store, you can handle the frames and inspect lenses, ensuring that you are happy with the quality. Also, all reputable stores will have an in-store optician that will ensure the frames you pick are compatible with your prescription and can tell you about different lens options. When glasses are ready for pick up, the optician will take the time to properly fit your frames and make any adjustments as needed.

Hakim Optical strives to provide each of our customers with the best possible service and care. We know how important your vision is and the value of your eyeglasses, which is why we offer affordable high-quality glasses.

Purchase high-quality glasses in-store instead of online, your eyes and vision will thank you. Stop by your nearest Hakim Optical location.

Have Vision Benefits?

Did you know that we offer direct billing for many Canadian insurance companies? Your vision benefits can be used for eye exams, purchasing glasses, contacts or sunglasses.

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