2020 Winter Style Guide

Cool Frames for the Winter Season

It’s definitely winter.
Time to bundle up, embrace the snow and m
ake sure
your eyewear is ready for the change of season.
We’ve showcased some of our newest glasses in our popular
Winter Style Guide!

Muted Colours



Stand out in a snowstorm with a pair of royal purple glasses. These bold frames add some colour during an otherwise drab time.

Both the Amerlise and Paula frames are Hakim Designer originals.


Our Frankie and Colin frames are a popular choice this time of year. The mostly black frames have just a hint of colour that adds some joy during the holidy season.




Save on New Glasses

Glasses aren’t simply for vision correction anymore, for many people, they’re a part of their personal style. Express yourself this season, while saving money on new frames and lenses.

With our new Winter Promotion, you can save when purchasing multiple pairs of glasses. Learn more about this limited time sale!



Sunglasses are more than a summer accessory – they’re important all year long. Protect your eyes and vision from harmful UV rays with prescription or non-prescription sunglasses that can provide complete protection while still being fashionable.


winter style guide

Ensure you have the perfect pair of glasses to ring in the new winter season!

Did you know that every Hakim Optical location has a licensed optician that can help you pick out frames, take the correct PD measurement, explain the different lenses and coatings available and check the final fit? 

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