What Can An Eye Exam Tell You About Your Overall Health?

You likely know how vital an eye exam is to your vision and eye health. An annual exam will ensure you maintain clear, comfortable vision and avoid serious eye illnesses that would otherwise go undetected. However, what can an eye exam tell you about your health overall?

Dry Eyes

That dry feeling you get after a few hours of staring at your computer, phone or even while reading a book is quite common—especially for contact lens wearers. Dry eyes can be attributed to humidity levels, your environment, and many other factors. But dry eyes can also indicate certain forms of arthritis that may be harder to diagnose or be a direct side effect of a medication you may be taking.

Blood Vessels

The blood vessels in your eyes are directly linked to your entire body. In fact, doctors check your eyes during an exam because your eyes will often reflect a problem with other tissues within your body before you start to notice more symptoms. For instance, diabetes can be detected by examining any changes or damage to blood vessels that are found in the retina—known as diabetic retinopathy. Thanks to early detection, many people who suffer from this form of diabetes can avoid serious complications, like vision loss.

Vision Loss

Losing parts of your vision isn’t always a symptom of the serious eye illness, glaucoma. It can also be a key indicator of a stroke, brain issue or head trauma that the patient hasn’t realized they’ve sustained.

We cannot stress enough the importance of annual eye exams—having your eyes checked annually will keep your vision, your eyes themselves and even your overall health in good shape.

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