The Right Lenses for Winter Sports

For those of us that suffer from poor eyesight, eyeglasses can make participating in sports a challenge, and winter sports can be especially difficult. The protective wear required for sports like skiing and snowboarding isn’t always designed for those of us who require corrective lenses. Even less intensive activities like skating and snowshoeing can be problematic because they cause your lenses to fog up. Many of us who suffer from poor eyesight don’t realize that there are a wide variety of corrective lenses available that are designed specifically for winter sports.

Lens Coatings
Polarized lenses are a great way to reduce the glare that comes off of the snow when you are participating in winter sports. Although some people find they make it hard to tell the difference between snow and ice, they are the most popular option for winter sports enthusiasts who require corrective lenses. If you find that you don’t like polarized lenses, getting a pair of prescription sunglasses with mirrored lenses might be the best option for you. Photochromic lenses are another option because they get darker when exposed to UV light, but they are clear indoors. Regardless of what type of lenses you choose to go with, you should get anti-fog coating put on your glasses, so you don’t have to constantly remove your eyeglasses to clear them in colder weather.

Many people who require corrective lenses choose to wear contact lenses when they are participating in winter sports, but a large number of people find they irritate their eyes, which can make wearing ski goggles a challenge. Not to worry, you can get custom prescription inserts that fit inside your favourite goggles if contacts aren’t for you. There are also prescription goggles available in a limited range of prescriptions and styles, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your inserts. You can pick a model that suits your style and be on your way to hit the slopes the same day.

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