2021 Winter Style Guide

The Coolest Frames for the Coldest Season of the Year!

While winter hasn’t officially started quite yet, it’s never too early to think about what eyewear you want to rock during the chilliest time of the year!

Start off this new season, and new year, with a stylish new pair of frames from your local Hakim Optical store! We’ve showcased some of our favourite and most wintery glasses in the 2021 edition of our Winter Style Guide!

Frames For Men & Women


Winter style guide

Sometimes winter can feel a little dreary in Canada, with the sun setting earlier, snow blanketed across the country, and the bitter cold nipping at all of our noses! That’s why we think the New Year is an excellent time to break away from more traditional glasses, and to test out different frame shapes and styles!

Do you usually wear rectangular frames? Try circular ones! Like to stick to standard black colouring? Dabble in a pair with a splash of seasonal blue or purple!

The Preet and Giorgina frames are just two examples of some of the winter styles we suggest for our customers, and are completely original designs by Hakim Optical!


Winter style guide


Astrella frames

Our Astrella frames look incredible no matter what season you wear them, but are especially eye-catching in the winter due to their clear eyepieces, golden accents, and gorgeous matte black arms!



Another common seasonal selection by our customers that we just had to include in our Winter Style Guide is the Carangi Grey frames! These sleek semi-transparent silver glasses easily match up with any winter inspired outfit you may come up with!

2021 sale

Save on Your New Glasses!

While glasses are obviously essential for many Canadians to go about their day to day lives, many people associate their frames with their own personal style! When you shop at Hakim Optical, you can express your seasonal self while saving money on your new glasses!

During our “Winter Sale”, you can save BIG when you purchase multiple pairs of glasses. Learn more about this limited time sale here!

Protect Your Eyes This Winter With Sunglasses!

When people think about sunglasses, they generally associate them with summertime heat and fun in the sun! While they are commonly worn in the summer, it’s important to have a good pair of sunglasses year-round, especially in the winter. With the sun setting earlier in the evening, many commuters are hit with intense low hanging sunlight on their way home. Not only are the UV rays bad for your eyes, but the blinding light can be extremely hazardous when behind the wheel.

Protecting your eyes and vision from harmful UV rays is as easy as picking up and wearing prescription or non-prescription sunglasses! You can get complete protection from Hakim Optical while still looking chic and fashionable!

winter style guide

Find the perfect pair of glasses for the winter season!

Did you know that every Hakim Optical location has a licensed optician that can help you pick out frames, take the correct PD measurement, explain the different lenses and coatings available, and check the final fit? 

Head into your nearest Hakim Optical location to find your seasonally stylish glasses!

Hakim Optical has been serving Canadians across the country for over 50 years and we plan to continue providing quality service and products for the next 50!

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