FAQ – Where Can I Find Eyeglasses Near Me?

With so many eyeglass store options available, many people are left longing for a simple answer to the question “Where can I find eyeglasses near me?” and the best answer is still, and always, Hakim Optical!

Hakim Optical is the first thing many people see when they look up “eyeglasses near me”, because we have over 150 stores across Canada. Since our humble beginnings in 1967, we have always aimed to provide Canadians with quality, affordable eyewear, and we continue to live up to this goal. We’re much more than just a boutique though, we offer eye exams as well to ensure getting new eyeglasses is a painless experience, and so you don’t have to make stops at multiple places to get your contacts or glasses.

Our stores are also the best place to go if you happen to be looking for “designer eyeglasses near me”, as we carry a wide selection of the hottest designer branded eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and children. In addition to the most popular designer brands, we also have our own Hakim designer frames, as well as a large selection of contact lenses available to suit your unique needs. Although frames are important for comfort and aesthetic reasons, our commitment to quality extends to our lenses as well. Zeiss and Nikon are just two of the many quality brands of lenses we offer, and each brand is suited to specific vision requirements.

Our founder, Sir Hakimi, has instilled his commitment to complete honesty and customer satisfaction in his employees from the beginning, and they’re values all of our staff still practice today. So, if you’re looking for more than just “glasses near me” and you want to build a relationship with an eye care professional that will last for years to come, then Hakim Optical is the place for you. Our expert staff will take the time to fit you properly, find a style that suits you, and help you find the best lenses to correct your unique vision problems.

For all your eyewear and care needs, Hakim Optical is the place to go!
Find and book an appointment at your local Hakim Optical today!

Hakim Optical has been providing Canadians with quality corrective lenses at a value that can’t be beat for over 50 years. Our knowledgeable staff and optometrists are here to help you find an eyewear solution tailored specifically to you.

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