FAQ – Where Can I Get an Eye Exam Near Me?

The events that lead each of us to realize we need an eye exam are always different, but whether it’s blurred vision, an injury, or simply an outdated prescription, we all arrive at the same question. If you’re wondering “where can I get an eye exam near me?” look no further than your local Hakim Optical.

Why are Exams Important?
If you’re searching “eye exams near me,” then odds are you might also be wondering why eye exams are an important part of your health care routine. Although the primary function of an eye exam is to evaluate your eyesight and determine if you need prescription lenses and how strong they need to be, there’s a lot more to them than that. There are several diseases and conditions that a licensed optician will look out for during your eye exam, and if caught early enough, many of them can be cured or at the very least treated.

Licensed Opticians
Odds are during your search for “eye exams near me,” you’ll likely be looking for a location that has licensed opticians on-site. Before you book your eye exam, make sure the location you have chosen is reputable and that a licensed optician will be the one performing your exam. At Hakim Optical, all of our opticians are fully licensed, so you can feel confident that your eye care is in the best hands whenever you step into one of our many locations for an eye exam.

Unless you have perfect vision, your eye exam will likely end with you receiving a prescription to correct your vision. Depending on the strength of your prescription and your lifestyle, you may choose to go with contact lenses or glasses, and luckily Hakim Optical has plenty of options for both. We carry some of the most sought-after brands and designs on the market, and our eye care experts can help you find the right frames and lenses to suit your needs and style.

Looking for an eye exam near you? Hakim Optical is the clear choice!

Hakim Optical has been providing Canadians with quality corrective lenses at a value that can’t be beat for over 50 years. Our knowledgeable staff and optometrists are here to help you find an eyewear solution tailored specifically to you.

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