How To Choose The Right Glasses Frames For Your Prescription

While shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses, you are most likely taking what colours you look best in, what frame shape will complement your face, and what kind of message you want to send to the world with the style of your frames into consideration. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while picking your next frames, but something very important that can be easily overlooked is how our frames can work with, or work against our prescription lenses. When looking for the perfect frames for your prescription glasses, here are some things that you should definitely consider before making your final decision!

For Thick Lenses
The stronger your prescription, the thicker your lenses will be. For those with a strong prescription and a thick lens, choosing a solid, wide pair of frames that can surround the width of the edges of your lenses is key. In some thinner frames, thick lenses can actually protrude from the space allotted for them and hang over the frame, giving an undesirable and sloppy look to your glasses. If you have a heavy prescription, consider investing in a pair of glasses with thick frames that can hold your lenses comfortably.

For Lenses That Are Thinner Around The Outside
If you’re farsighted, your prescription lenses may be thick in the middle and thin around the edges. With the wrong frames, these lenses can magnify your eyes, giving you a sort of bug-eyed look. For lenses that are thickest in the middle, we recommend small and narrow frames. Steer clear of oversized frames when choosing your glasses to avoid the magnifying effect on your eyes, this way you can feel confident in your glasses!

For Bifocals or Progressive Lenses
For lenses that may have more than one prescription like bifocal, trifocal, or progressive lenses, we recommend big, spacious frames with an open shape like large squares or circles. This way, there is room for each individual prescription to have the space it needs to do its job, and there isn’t a risk of the prescription being cut off or distorted by the shape of your frames.

Ask An Expert
Next time you’re looking for a new pair of glasses and you’d like some extra advice about what pair is best suited for you and your prescription, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly and expert eyewear technicians! There’s a perfect pair of frames at your local Hakim Optical store waiting for you, so let us help you find them!

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