Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses

Millions of Canadians have careers that require them to work in potentially dangerous conditions, meaning they most likely need eye protection. If you’re one of these Canadians, whether you work in construction, cleaning, science, mechanics, or one of the countless professions that require PPE, it’s important that you are safe and comfortable on the job. At Hakim Optical, prescription safety glasses are more accessible and affordable than ever before, and considering the benefits of owning and using them, now is a great time to pick up a pair for yourself!


If you’ve worn glasses your whole life, you understand that certain things can be more difficult to accomplish in your specs. Trying to wear regular safety glasses over top of your prescription lenses can be clunky, uncomfortable, and can actually hinder you from doing your job efficiently. When you choose to combine your safety glasses and your prescription into one, you’re allowing for comfort on the job and at home and saying goodbye to wearing two pairs of glasses at once while you’re at work!


Any profession that requires PPE is most likely going to require safety glasses that can withstand wear and tear. At Hakim Optical, we understand the importance of having a pair of safety glasses that are durable enough to last you years on the job while consistently keeping you safe and keeping your vision clear. When you decide to purchase a pair of prescription safety glasses from Hakim Optical, you’re investing in a pair of high-durability glasses from high-quality and long-lasting metals and plastics.


At Hakim Optical, we’ve always prioritized quality and affordability. When purchasing a pair of our prescription safety glasses, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best price and the best product. Purchasing quality prescription safety glasses means spending less on replacements over time, and enjoying durable, high-quality, and long-lasting PPE for years from just one smart purchase!

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