What To Know About Light Adaptive Lenses

Fall is finally here; cool weather has greeted us with shorter days, beautiful autumn colours, and gorgeous early sunsets. Even though the sun isn’t up as long, and doesn’t feel as hot, optometrists everywhere will tell you that sunglasses are still essential. Instead of wearing traditional sunglasses this fall, you may be interested in a pair of light adaptive lenses; here’s what you need to know about them!

What Are Light Adaptive Lenses?

These lenses are exactly what they sound like: they adapt to the light that surrounds them. When you’re inside, your lenses will be transparent, but when you’re outside in the sun your glasses will adapt to the light and your lenses will darken. Light adaptive lenses are great for people who don’t like to carry a separate pair of sunglasses with them, and they’re great for autumn with its early sunsets that might catch you off guard.

How Do They Work?

The molecules that make up light adaptive (or photochromic) lenses respond to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation by darkening. When exposed to ultraviolet radiation, your glasses will naturally darken, protecting your eyes from the sun, and saving you the hassle (and the money) from buying a separate pair of prescription sunglasses and carrying them around. Light adaptive lenses will even help protect your eyes when you wouldn’t think there isn’t anything to protect them from. These lenses will naturally darken during overcast days as well, as ultraviolet radiation can still come through and cause damage during a cloudy day.

What Are The Benefits?

Especially in autumn when your eyes are adjusting to the days becoming darker earlier, one of the major advantages of light adaptive lenses is their ability to help you see in low light. These lenses help their wearer’s eyes adjust safely to the lighting around them, allowing them to see more clearly in low light conditions during the evening. This makes these lenses particularly beneficial during the autumn and winter as both seasons have significantly longer periods of darkness.

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