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If your job requires you to wear safety glasses on a daily basis, you know the benefits of protective eyewear. But did you know you can buy prescription safety glasses designed to match the protective demands your job requires? At Hakim Optical, we take pride in helping both individuals and companies find affordable and quality prescription safety glasses to meet their needs. If you’re interested in finding quality prescription safety glasses in Canada for yourself or your employees, let Hakim Optical help you find and finance the right pair.

Safety Glasses For Individuals

The people most likely to forgo wearing safety glasses are the ones who require prescription lenses to see. This is because it is uncomfortable to try and fit your regular safety goggles or mask over your prescription eyeglasses, and trying to do anything without your eyeglasses is out of the question, as you cannot see clearly and get anything done safely!

This is why Hakim Optical has worked hard to bring versatile prescription safety glasses to all of Canada! We have been dispensing prescription safety glasses throughout Canada for over 40 years and we aim to provide products at the highest quality while maintaining the most reasonable prices; to ensure quality and safety, all of our prescription safety lenses are processed in our laboratories with the latest lens technologies.

Safety Glasses For Employers

At Hakim Optical, we make our customers’ safety and health our utmost priority. This is why we strive to bring affordable and high-quality prescription safety glasses to individuals as well as companies all across Canada. If you’re an employer in Canada and you’re interested in purchasing prescription safety glasses for your employees at a special discounted rate for multiples, contact Hakim Optical head office to discuss special prices, with prescription frames as low as $5.40 per pair.

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Hakim Safety Canada has been dispensing quality eyewear for over 40 years with a focus on providing affordable lens wear options for all our customers. All of our lenses are processed in our laboratories with the latest lens technology and held to the strictest quality control standards.

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