Types Of Hinges For Your Glasses

Although glasses hinges may not be the first thing you think of when purchasing a new pair of glasses, they’re one of the most crucial parts of the inner workings of your eyewear, as they contribute to their functionality as well as how comfortable they are when you wear them. There are three main types of glasses hinges: Standard (or barrel), Spring (or flex), and hingeless. This is what makes each style unique and why it’s important to consider the hinges when shopping for glasses.

Standard/Barrel Hinges

The standard–also known as barrel–hinges are the most popular and widely used hinge style. Essentially, standard hinges are made of a series of metal rings (or barrels) that fit together like a zipper with a small screw that holds them all in place. Each barrel can be adjusted slightly with a small pair of pliers, allowing the glasses to be adjusted comfortably to the wearer’s face. People tend to like standard hinges because they’re affordable, durable, and easy to repair.

Five Barrel Vs. Seven Barrel Hinges

Most standard hinges are made from either three, five, or seven hinges interlocked. The most popular choice is usually between five and seven. While seven is a bit stronger than five in durability and functionality, seven barrels can be difficult to adjust and repair, making them a more tedious choice.

Spring/Flex Hinges

Although perhaps not as common as standard hinges, spring–also known as flex–hinges are a great choice for individuals with an active lifestyle. Unlike standard hinges, spring hinges come with a spring that allows the glasses arms to bend past 90 degrees. This makes the glasses more flexible and more easily fitted to the individual’s head. Spring hinges allow the glasses to twist and bend without snapping or pinching the wearer.


The last option for glasses hinges is to have no hinges at all! Hingeless glasses have curved temples moulded to fit the shape of the wearer’s head while still being comfortable to wear. The arms are usually made from strong yet pliable metal and are very durable because they don’t have any tiny intricate workings. Hingeless glasses are recommended for people who live a very active lifestyle or work manual labour.

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