Start The New Year Off With An Eye Exam

As the new year arrives, many of us choose to set resolutions to better our lives: from working out, to reading more, to eating better, the new year is often a time to reflect on how we can improve our body’s overall health. A great resolution for this new year that may be overlooked is committing to an eye exam. Eye exams have several health and comfort benefits and are very easy to book. Here’s why you should be scheduling an eye exam this new year.

Why An Annual Eye Exam?

As you age and grow, your prescription can change. At first, you don’t notice that your prescription isn’t right for you, but eventually you’ll begin having trouble seeing or getting headaches. A great way to keep your prescription up to date is to make a habit of getting an eye exam in the new year, setting January 1st as an official reminder. An annual eye exam is especially important for individuals under 20, over 65, or those who’ve had significant issues with their prescriptions or eyesight in the past.

The Benefits Of Eye Exams

Beyond just fixing your prescription, there are several benefits to scheduling an eye exam in the new year. Eye exams can find the first indicators of certain vision-threatening eye diseases including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Eye exams can also help to detect very early signs of diabetes, helping your doctor to diagnose you before symptoms or potential damage can progress. Eye exams will not only help ensure that you can see clearly, they also help keep the health of your eyes and your body in check.

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