Are Cheater Glasses A Good Choice For Eyewear?

Cheater glasses are available at almost every discount store you go into from Big Box stores, to the supermarket, to the dollar store. With such vast availability, it can be tempting to purchase a pair to wear as regular eyewear. Unfortunately, the purpose of cheater glasses is not to be worn every day, but to be used in small increments of time when there are no other options. So, are cheater glasses a good choice for eyewear? The answer is: sometimes. Here’s what you need to know before buying cheaters.

For Short Periods Of Time

To use cheater glasses for their intended purpose is to use them once in a while as a quick and handy emergency solution. Many people who don’t think they need to wear corrective glasses will opt to have some magnifying cheaters for reading the newspaper or other small tasks. Cheater glasses are not prescription eyeglasses, their only job is to magnify, meaning they’re not meant for everyday use and can potentially have the negative effects on your eyesight that would come from wearing eyeglasses with an incorrect focal length.

Long Term Use Risks

Cheaters are not designed to be used for long periods of time and can cause headaches and eye strain if you choose to wear them throughout the day as you would a regular pair of prescription glasses. It’s important to remember to not wear cheaters for more than an hour or so at a time, even if their convenience and abundance make that idea tempting.

Are You Using Cheaters? It’s Time To Get Your Eyes Checked!

If you’re in need of a pair of magnifying cheater glasses to read the morning paper, the small print on a prescription bottle or text on your phone it’s likely that you are in need of prescription glasses. Instead of reaching for a bandaid solution, choose to get an eye exam from one of the helpful and friendly optometrists at your local Hakim Optical.

If you’ve been relying on cheaters it’s time to make the switch to prescription glasses.
The experts at your local Hakim Optical can help!

Hakim Optical has been providing Canadians with quality corrective lenses at a value that can’t be beat for over 55 years. Our knowledgeable staff and opticians are here to help you find an eyewear solution tailored specifically to you.

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